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Archives for January 2017

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Don’t Forget the Next Generation

When I was in college at West Point, my dad would often come and visit me. I remember being 20 years old on one of those visits and asking my dad about my major. At the time, I really had no desire to be in the Army, I just wanted a major that would make me money. And my Dad gave me advice that for some reason I still remember. He said, "Your undergrad doesn't matter, so d...

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Inauguration Day Response

Inauguration day is right around the corner, and I wanted to offer some thoughts as it seems that all have given their opinion and many more are protesting the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Upon hearing the news that Donald Trump was the president elect, many started sobbing. Many churches had a day of grieving. Others celebrated the triumph and touted Mr. Trump ...

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MLK Day: Comfort or Christ?

Happy MLK day! As a person who grow up after the main thrust of the civil rights movement, I was ignorant to much of the plight of Martin Luther King Jr.and what he sacrificed for his convictions. I looked up his history and found that there were about 9 overt attempts on his life. From a stabbing, to bombings, to shootings, assassins hired by those who wanted the status q...

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Vision Night

Why you should come to Vision Night The Well officially begins the year with Vision Night on January 24 at 8PM at the Live for More Center. So the question is "why should I come to Vision Night?" You really need to first understand what God has done through the Well for the past several years, in order to fully grasp the importance of Vision Night. Here's where the Well h...

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How do you respond?

Christmas has been packed up, the tree recycled, and the decorations put away. There was one thing that this Christmas showed me from my boys. We have to be taught how to respond to all situations. My oldest son, Austin, after the final present was opened, said "More presents. I want to open more presents." Now he is three and so we had to teach him how to respond in grati...

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Can’t Sleep?

ReadDaniel 2 There are a couple things that will make me not sleep. If I take a nap during the day or if I drink caffeine after 5pm, I'm wired all night. Or if there is something bothering me, a conversation didn't go well, there is something wrong with my wife or sons, that will keep me up. In Daniel 2, we find King Nebuchadnezzar had insomnia stemming from a dream th...

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