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Archives for May 2017

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How Do I Get Rid Of This Thorn In My Side? Battling Lust As A Christian

Let's get real. There are some obvious sins that EVERYONE knows they should not do: murder, adultery, and stealing. Pretty much every moral system would not condone these, am I right? So many times we hear things like, "sure I'm going to heaven, I mean I'm a good person," implying that compared to the "criminals" of society, they haven't committed nearly as many bad acts. ...

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Three Reasons You Need To Read The Prophets

Once in a while, in my Bible reading, I get tired of visiting New Testament books. And that's okay; there's a wealth of truth and perspective to be found in the Old Testament, too. Lately, I've been reading the book of Ezekiel. In addition to being one of the most explicit books in the Bible, it's also chock-full of all the infamous "doom and gloom" found within the prophe...

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Means To The Great End

I am probably not alone when I say that if I don'tfeellike reading my Bible or praying, I tend to avoid it. Because of that statement, I want to dedicate a post to spiritual disciplines, although I will be the first to admit that lately I find myself more consistently drawn to my own wants like watching Netflix or scrolling through social media feeds, or simply being lazy....

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Reflecting God to our Kids

Being a dad is one of the most incredible things I have ever experienced. I mean I love it. I love being a parent. However, what is challenging is that we don't get a manual with a list of instructions of proper care and maintenance for our children. With that said, what is our role of parents. For Christians, it boils down to one thing. Transferring our parenting from us ...

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On Mission With The Myers

Which doctor are you going to? The witch doctor. Which doctor?…The WITCH doctor. Ohhh, the witch doctor. It took me a couple of turns to fully grasp my neighbor (Joyce) was planning on going to the witch doctor and she was requesting $200 from me to assist her. ($200 is 2-3 month’s wages)....

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Wives, Kill the Foxes

Marriage is hard. Anyone who's been married even a little while has been baptized into that reality. It's the honest truth that the cotton-candy, fairy tale picture of happily-ever-after doesn't last long and gives way to the reality of the battle for your marriage. It's the way it should be; marriage isn't about sentiment, it's about a mission. Less cruise ship, more batt...

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