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Baptism serves as a symbol of Christ's burial and resurrection that testifies to new life in Christ (Colossians 2:12, Romans 6:4). Baptism is required for membership at WBCC. Jesus commanded baptism right before his ascension (Matthew 28:19a-20), therefore it is an act of obedience once you have responded in faith to Christ.

Baptism at WBCC

Once you have received Christ, there are three steps you should take to get baptized at WBCC:

  1. Create a FREE RightNow Media account.
  2. Complete the Baptism Class. This online class will walk you through the purpose of baptism.
  3. Complete the Baptism Testimony Form. This will help you formulate your testimony of your life before Christ, how you received Christ, and how your life has changed since then.
  4. Schedule a time to film your baptism video. You can email us at to set up a time to record your testimony on camera to be shown before your baptism on a Sunday morning.