What Is Membership at WBCC?

Membership at WBCC exists to identify and develop every Christian at WBCC that commits to pursuing the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ with our church body.

Count Me In Classes

WBCC's elders, pastors, and deacons lead 3 membership classes annually, called Count Me In. Count Me In is designed to cater to all types of people, including:

  1. Those seeking to learn more about WBCC, including its purpose, vision, core values, and history
  2. Those curious about WBCC membership, including requirements and expectations of membership (both of WBCC and its members)
  3. Those seeking to become connected at WBCC, including through community groups, service opportunities, and by connecting with WBCC leadership
  4. Those that are ready to become WBCC members

To read more about Count Me In, you can download a copy of the materials that are used for the class:

Count Me In Materials

Who Is a WBCC Member?

As a church, WBCC has defined a member as someone who:

  1. Has trusted Jesus Christ as his or her Lord and Savior, and made that declaration to qualified elders, deacons, or pastors
  2. Has been baptized in obedience to Jesus' command
  3. Has completed the Count Me In course in its entirety
  4. Has agreed to both the purpose and doctrinal statements at WBCC
  5. Has been presented to the church, and has publicly affirmed their commitment to God through our church

WBCC members will also be expected to actively participate in WBCC, including through Sunday worship, community groups, service, and giving of their time and treasure, as well as actively spending time in God's Word and prayer, making disciples, and sharing the Gospel with those in their community.

What Can I Expect as a Member?

As a WBCC member, WBCC and its elders covenant with its members to care for their well-being, seeking their growth in Jesus Christ, providing teaching and counsel from God's Word, providing accountability, and praying for them regularly (among many other things!). In addition, WBCC members can expect priority use to WBCC's facilities and the right to vote on significant WBCC decisions (including the appointment of elders, senior pastor, and long-term property rentals/purchases).

For those seeking more information about WBCC membership, please contact the Deacon of Membership, Tyler Huggins, at