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Our Beliefs

The Gospel


  • God is the creator of all things, (Gen. 1:1)
  • He is perfectly holy, worthy of all worship, and will punish sin. (1 John 1:5, Rom. 2:5-8)
  • God is love. (1 John 4:7-8)
  • God is holy. (1 Peter 1:16)
  • God is just. (Gen. 18:25)


  • All people, though created good, have inherited a sinful nature through the sin of Adam. (Gen. 1:26-28, Gen. 3, Ps. 51:5, Rom. 3:23)
  • From birth, all people are alienated from God, hostile to God, and subject to the wrath of God. (Eph. 2:1-3, Rom. 1)


  • Jesus Christ, who is fully God and fully man, lived a sinless life, died on the cross to bear God’s wrath in the place of all who would believe in him, and rose from the grave in order to give his people eternal life. (John 1:1, 1 Tim. 2:5, Heb. 7:26, Rom. 3:21-26, 2 Cor. 5:21, 1 Cor. 15:20-22)
  • Jesus is our substitute who died in our place. (Rom. 5:8, 2 Cor. 5:21)


  • God calls everyone everywhere to repent of their sins and trust in Christ in order to be saved. (Mark 1:15, Acts 20:20-21, Rom. 10:9-10)
  • We cannot earn salvation. (Eph. 2:8-9)
  • We must receive the gift of salvation. (Eph. 2:8-9, Rom. 10:9-10)


The Lord's Supper

We celebrate and remember what Christ has done for us through The Lord’s Supper. Jesus instituted The Lord’s Supper at the Passover meal just before his crucifixion. Jesus took the bread and the wine on the table and gave them special significance. He told his disciples that the bread would represent his body, which would be offered up on the cross as a sacrifice for sin. The cup, he told them, would represent the blood that was shed for the forgiveness of sins, the blood of the New Covenant. We observe The Lord’s Supper regularly in our Sunday services.

The Lord’s Supper is a memorial. We observe it to remember what Christ did for us on the cross (1 Cor. 11:24). The bread represents the body of Christ, which was broken for us. The wine represents the blood of Christ, which was shed for us. It also serves as a reminder that Christ will come again. It is a reminder of future hope (1 Cor. 11:26).

The Lord’s Supper is for those who believe that Jesus died on the cross for their sins and rose from the dead (1 Cor 11:29).



Baptism serves as a symbol of Christ’s burial and resurrection that testifies to new life in Christ (Col. 2:12, Rom. 6:4). Baptism is an important step in one’s spiritual journey. Jesus commanded it right before his ascension (Matt. 28:19-20a). Therefore, baptism is an act of obedience once you have responded in faith in Christ. Baptism also publicly identifies you with Christ. It is a person saying they are representing Christ to the world. They believe what he has done for them and are striving to live their lives in a way that represents Christ.

We practice baptism by immersion because the Greek word “baptize” means to immerse in water. It was also the practice of believers in the New Testament (Acts 8:38-39). It also is the best symbol of the burial and resurrection of Christ.

If you have not been baptized as a believer we encourage you to do so. If you would like to be baptized speak to one of the pastors or staff after service on Sunday or email us at