Men's Ministry

Our Mission

We are Godly men committed to growing the men of Wells Branch Community Church into faithful, available, and teachable makers of disciple-making men.

Our vision is that each man of Wells Branch Community Church would become a disciple-maker by regularly leading other men to faith, growing them into disciple-makers, and growing further in the likeness of Christ in a community of faithful men.

How Do We Acheive Our Mission?


Charge! is the quarterly community-building event of our Men’s Ministry. We have a speaker who shares their testimony, which is followed by a discussion of the emphasis for the Ministry for the upcoming quarter. Additionally, this is a time to discuss upcoming opportunities to live out this vision through more ministry events in the coming quarter. Breakfast is provided for this event.

Tacos & Tactics

Tacos & Tactics is the monthly Men's Ministry event that features one of very own members as he teaches the men of our church a particular skill. This will be a time of fellowship, while also a time of practical learning in a particular area. Breakfast tacos will be provided beforehand on location.

FUSE Bible Study

FUSE is a bible study to equip men with understanding and loving God’s word and loving God, so that from the love and understanding of God’s calling, men may be moved to become doers of the word. One bible study is done per quarter, where we meet weekly for the designated number of weeks to complete the study. All men are welcome, including men who don't attend our church. Donuts and coffee are provided.

Men's Retreat

Men's Retreat is the yearly event for the men of our church to have an intentional time focused on growing closer to God and one another. The theme for our 2019 Men's Retreat is Purpose, as we spend time focusing on God's purpose for our lives and how we live out that purpose.