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Archives for July 2020

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Reconcile 2


Quiet Time In my quiet time this week I came across Acts 10 and 11. Luke wrote about Peter receiving the vision from God that all animals were now considered clean. Peter in the trance said, "My lips have never touched anything unclean." But three times that vision came to him followed by a knock on the door. An Italian man had sent messengers to bring Peter to his house ...

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Reconciled to God


This week I posted on my personal facebook the question: How sure are you that you would go to heaven when you die on a scale of 1-10. If I'm honest, I thought a few faithful Christians would respond with the standard standard Evangelical Christian answer: I am a 10 because I believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and rose from the dead. Which is good solid ortho...

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Peace in the Year of Conflict


Seeking Peace Friction in relationships has been a hallmark of 2020. We are enduring a global pandemic, social unrest, homeschooling the new reality, and everything fun being canceled. This has led to stress being heightened not only in the public square but within our homes. If we are honest, strife hits us in three places. Our relationships. Our circumstances. Our think...

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