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Archives for September 2014

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Becoming an instrument of God

"They help us to understand how God takes average people with characteristics similar to our own and reshapes them to become amazing instruments of God." Last night at The Well, Holland, our young adults pastor examined the lives of several people from different walks of life that experienced the power of Christ. These people are described by Luke in chapter 16 of Acts as...

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Smoking Pot and Following Jesus?

As a young adult pastor in a city ranked as one of the top ten "Best Cities for Hippies", I get the pleasure of discussing what Jesus thinks about marijuana pretty often. The majority of people who smoke weed are guys in their twenties, so these are the people that I pastor. The reality though, is that this is an issue that all Christians need to know how to handle; peo...

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Wanna hear the best news ever?

"God's love does not waver depending on our behavior or actions- He constantly loves us.." Have you ever felt unwanted? Unloved? So covered in sin that you thought 'nobody loves me, God doesn't even want me.'The honest truth is- we've all been there, we've all felt that.We have all felt filthy, dirty and knee deep in our lies and past. But, the good news? The best news EV...

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Idolatry: Do you struggle with this?

"The truth is, our world breeds a culture of idolatry. We are steeped in it, and most of us fall prey to it without even realizing it." Idolatry is something most of us probably don't think about on a daily basis. It's something that's easy to view as irrelevant in our era, a remnant of days long past, when worshipping carvings and statues was more commonplace. It's e...

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The Well is a mess… Want in?

Every Tuesday night, about 75 young adults in their 20's and 30's gather together in one little building. This is a recipe for major disaster. Young adults, like everyone else, are sinners. Not only are we sinners, but our generation specifically is known for being overzealous, indecisive, impatient, frustrated, and short-sighted. So when you gather a big group of us in ...

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