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Exodus 1 Devotional Thought

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Exodus 1 reveals two people who you probably never heard of, yet they are more clearly known than the most powerful man in the world of that time: Shiprah and Puah. They exemplified extraordinary courage in serving God rather than submitting to the oppressive orders of Pharaoh. Their unwavering commitment to preserving life, despite the risk. If they obeyed Pharoah they may have received something tangible from a “god” that they could see. Their dirty deed may have won them favor. Yet they chose the invisible God…who had not done much for them lately. 

Many scholars suggest that Shiprah and Puah were childless in a culture that saw children as a considerable blessing. That means they were looked down upon in that culture as being less than. They were servants and slaves like the rest of Israel. Perhaps pleasing the god they could see would be the more practical way to advance their lives. 

But they didn’t. They feared God. They didn’t have a Bible. They didn’t have a church. They just had a bunch of oral stories about their relatives who had some experiences of God speaking to them and being with them which led them to Egypt from Palestine and then saved Egypt. But then became enslaved.

Still these ladies chose to save families when they had been denied their own family without a promise of any reward. 

This challenges us to examine our own allegiances. In our lives, "Pharaoh" can represent anything that seeks to control and manipulate us—fear, societal expectations, or even our own desires. But like Shiprah and Puah, we can choose to serve God with courage. Let us resist the pressures to conform and instead bravely stand for what is right and just. By trusting in God's guidance and relying on His strength, we can find the courage to serve Him faithfully, even when it contradicts the expectations of the world.

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Pastor Plek