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Archives for June 2017

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Pitfalls to Faith

In the book of Luke Jesus encountered a Roman soldier whose faith made him marvel. That is impressive. Only guy in the Bible that gets that kind of reaction from Jesus. Now faith is the way we have access to God and it is also how our access to God was broken. Do you remember Adam and Eve? Satan visited aputdoubt in the minds of Adam and Eve. He makes them doubt that God h...

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Walk in Love - Battling lust as a Christian Community

A few years ago it was raining heavily on my way back to Austin from the Houston airport. When I was driving I suddenly found myself hydroplaning off the highway, flipping into a ditch. Thankfully I landed right side up when everything finally stopped moving. All things considered, it could have been far worse. The deputy that arrived on the scene said I was lucky. Appare...

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