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Archives for May 2013

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Can I know God and His love personally?

by Chris Plekenpol There are two words that those trying to understand God need to know. They are transcendent and immanent. Many religions connect God with being transcendent. Buddhism embodies this. A transcendent God is one that sets up the systems of the Earth, sits back and watches it all unfold. He left the Earth as is. Many try to achieve transcendence to commune ...

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Is There A God?

by Chris Plekenpol Another fun question that children love to ask adults is, "Where do babies come from?" Oh the joy of parenting. Here is how this usually plays out. "Where do babies come from?" "A mommy and a daddy." "Where did their mommies and daddies come from?" "Their mommies and daddies." "But where did they come from?" And usually right here we veer to...

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Does Life Have a Purpose?

by Chris Plekenpol As a child, we all had days where we hated school. We would ask a series of questions to adults that inevitably would leave them speechless. It started like this. "Why do I have to go to school?" "So that you can get an education", "Why do I need an education?" "So you can get a job." "Why do I need a job?" "So you can provide for yourself t...

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Can I ask God for my future husband to be creative, faithful and honest and love people?

by Chris Plekenpol I recently was texted this question: "Can I ask God for my future husband to be creative, faithful and honest and love people? Is that wrong? How specific is too specific?" Great question. God is wanting us to have a conversation with him all the time. He is wanting us to share our deepest desires with him. But we find in Psalm 37, this truth: Deligh...

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My Son is Born!

By Chris Plekenpol What an exciting week it has been for the Plekenpol family. Tuesday morning at 9:51am, Austin Lee Felton Plekenpol joined the land of the living! The doctor unwrapped the umbilical cord from around his neck, pulled Austin out of Adrienne and we all rejoiced. However, the morning was fraught with drama. At around 5am Adrienne's water broke. The pain came...

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