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Archives for September 2012

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Just Be Honest

by Chris Plekenpol In our culture and probably many others, lying is an art form. I've told many a grandparent or relative that I loved something they gave me for Christmas, while wondering what decade the sweater had been warped from. Even wrote thank you cards for it. I have lied about how well someone sang, spoke, or played. I have lied about how good or bad something ...

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How do I get there from here?

by Chris Plekenpol I hate being lost. Especially when I'm late. I'm not sure if I hate asking for directions more than being lost. It's not that I'm overly bashful, it's more that I don't trust someone that I don't know to give me good directions. I think, "That guy will never see me again, what's to say he won't just send me on my way to only God knows where without a se...

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Until a Mormon friend of mine told me he believed the Bible says we have three separate gods, I had never really questioned what the Bible says about "the Trinity" one God in three persons. Many of us don't give much thought to something like the doctrine of the Trinity until we encounter someone who challenges us on it. But the truth is, the doctrine of the Trinity is i...

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