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Archives for August 2020

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Christian Growth


Frustrated? As a pastor, I often hear these words from people at my church or people in between churches. "I'm just not getting fed anymore." Now there is something in me that gets defensive when I hear that. Partly because I spend a bunch of hours pouring into a sermon that I present on Sundays that are highly labor intensive. It's probably the same feeling a parent has...

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Why We Group


High School Life When I was in high school, the basketball team was my everything. It was my accountability. It was my inspiration. It was everything. I wasn't thrilled that I was riding the pine. But the reality was that was probably the best place for me. At the time I was 5'9" and probably around 160 lbs. Not exactly on any college's recruiting roster. However, I pract...

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The Gathering


Public Worship The public worship gathering for Christians is a controversial topic. If you have been living in a closed country such as North Korea, Afghanistan or Somalia, gathering as a Christian today is just as dangerous as gathering as a Christian last year. The only difference is the police will knock at your door in North Korea, and today it might be a Virus. With...

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