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Archives for December 2016

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Daniel Devotional: Taking the shame of a nation and your soul

ReadDaniel 1:1-2 For the first time in 15 years, my Alma mater, Army defeated our arch nemesis Navy in football. (We also just went on to win a bowl game.) It's been a hard 15 years. West Point's chaplain was praying his guts out on the sideline pleading with the Lord for the losing to stop. I hate losing. I hate being on the losing team. Growing up, I would throw tantrum...

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Trusting God Despite Captivity, Circumstance, and Culture

ReadDaniel 1:1-7 The opening of the Book of Daniel described the circumstances that brought a man from his homeland to serve God in captivity in a pagan country. Daniel was from a prominent Jewish family and when Babylon took over Jerusalem, Nebuchaddnezzar instructed that all the best talent train in the way of the literature and language of the Chaldeans (Babylonians). ...

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Advent: He is in control

One of the biggest obstacles in Christmas is there are a lot of people we want to see and share the season with, but only so much we can control. This can lead to frustration, anger, and even tears. And it's not just Christmas is it? Christmas just heightens those emotions because there is a certain expectation placed on having a wonderful time at Christmas with people we ...

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A Miracle, A Name, A Prophecy: John the Baptist’s Birth

The book of Luke opens with two angelic birth announcements. One is Jesus. The other is John. John was born to a priestly family. All of his parents' friends and family were expecting that Zechariah and Elizabeth, an older childless couple, would name their son Zechariah to carry on the namesake of his father. Zechariah means, "Yahweh remembers." This would have been a fit...

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