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Post Category: Sex, Singleness, and Serious Relationships

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Sex and Idols

Sex and Idols The intricate relationship between sexual immorality and idolatry seen in Romans 1, invites deeper thought into the dynamics of faith, belief, and who we choose to elevate in our lives. This concept might initially seem abstract or confined to seminary training, but it profoundly impacts our everyday choices, values, and the very essence of who we worship or ...

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God’s Plan—Off-Track?

God's PlanOff-Track? It's easy to wonder if God's plan is off-track and the problem is more than our own agenda and plan. After all, how does a God who's invisible and sitting high and mighty on a throne in heaven know anything about what's best for me? Romans 1 clearly explains how humans rejected God's design when it comes to worshiping him and therefore God gave humanit...

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Navigating Life's Challenges with Faith: A Journey of Identity and Purpose

Life's Challenges and God's Plan In our close-knit church community, Jordan recently shared his heartfelt struggle, saying, "I don't want to be whiny, but I don't understand what God is doing with this struggle in my life." Many of us can relate to that feeling of injustice, questioning why some areas of our lives seem more challenging than others. From childhood, we've al...

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Sin, Sex, and Salvation

Several years ago I preached a sermon series on a topic related to love. The series covered sexuality, relationships, and singleness and that series has become the basis for this blog. The beginning of 2021 marked one year into a pandemic that resulted in a social and economic shutdown the likes of which our world had never seen before. There was a new normal of people wor...

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