We will begin safely serving at our physical location on June 7th! For service registration and COVID-19 updates click here! We will also continue online services Sundays at 9:00AM, 10:45AM & 8:00PM on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch.

Safely Serving FAQ's

When is the church opening back up?

We plan on reopening the church in three phases. The duration of each of these phases have yet to be decided and depends heavily upon the current state of things with COVID-19. We do know that Phase One of reopening the church begins on Sunday, June 7th this reopening is only for our Sunday Services. We are currently unsure how long Phase One will last or but we will provide more information on our website as things become more clear. 

How Do we get in?

After you park your vehicle, we will have signs that clearly direct you where to enter. There will be one entrance and two separate exits. We ask that you do not exit the facility through the marked entrance and that you do not enter the facility through any of the marked exits. We will have volunteers ready to greet you upon your arrival and answer any questions you may have. Due to the need to limit the amount of people within a service during Phase One we will only be allowing those in the facility who have previously registered for that service. So please, make sure to register online.  

What about the kids?

During phase one of us coming back together we will not be providing children's ministry for any of our children (Infant - 5th grade). However, children are welcome to come to service if you are confident that they can remain socially distanced from others while they are at the church. Please let us know if you plan on bringing any children when you register online to attend one of our services.

Where do I park?

Upon arrival, feel free to park wherever you would like within the parking lot. We will have a parking team on site to welcome you and usher you to available parking spots. If possible, we ask that you try to leave one parking space to your left and one to your right when parking to help with social distancing and people getting in and out of their vehicles. We are limiting service attendance on Sundays during phase one so having available parking spots should not be an issue.   

Are masks mandatory? 

During Phase one of reopening masks are mandatory for all adults 18 and older. Masks are not mandatory for Children who are under the care and supervision of their parents. If you are a parent and are bringing your children you will need to decide if you want them to wear a mask or not. If you are under 18 and not under the supervision of your parents you will be required to wear a mask. We encourage you to bring your own masks to service but if you do not have one available to you, a disposable mask will be provided for you prior to entering the worship center.  During Phase One of our reopening, if you refuse to follow these rules then we will not be able to allow you to enter the facility for service.  

How are you making it safe for me and my family?

Your safety is of the utmost importance as we gather back together for worship service. Prior to your arrival... we will be sanitizing, seats, bibles, bathrooms, and high traffic areas. During the service... We will be sanitizing bathrooms and remaining as socially distanced as possible. Anything needed during the service will be sanitized and placed in your chair before you take your seat. We will repeat this process in its entirety prior to and during any other services. When you register online for one of our services, we will be planning a seating area specifically for you and your family. So please, make sure to attend if you do indeed register for a service. 

Can I sit with someone that's not a family member? 

If you are planning to attend service with a specific group (ie. a dating couple or close friends.) Please complete one group registration vs. each person registering individually. Please keep social distancing in consideration when registering as a group and keep group sizes as small as possible.