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Your Opportunity



Make Your Commitment

This challenge is a God-sized task far beyond the ability of any one person and will take sacrifices for all of us to be prayerfully and financially involved in the vision to Revive the Stones.

You have the opportunity to make a pledge commitment, over and above your regular giving. Commitment cards are available to help you do so. To help you calculate your pledge amount, you can use the worksheet provided.

If you’re feeling a little fearful, pray and ask God to help you overcome your fear. As you begin to pray about how much God might want you to give, we encourage you to embrace this as a spiritual journey with God. We believe that God is going to bless you above and beyond your wildest expectations even as you step out in faith into the future of our church family.

This worksheet shows the impact your family can have over 3 years.

TOTAL GIFT* Annual Monthly Weekly
$1,000,000 $333,333 $27,778 $6,410
$750,000 $250,000 $20,833 $4,808
$500,000 $166,667 $13,889 $3,250
$250,000 $83,333 $6,944 $1,603
$100,000 $33,333 $2,788 $641
$75,000 $25,000 $2,083 $481
$50,000 $16,667 $1,389 $321
$25,000 $8,333 $694 $160
$10,000 $3,333 $278 $69
$5,000 $1,677 $139 $32
$2,500 $833 $69 $16
$1,000 $333 $28 $6


As you prepare for Commitment Sunday on October 17th we encourage you to pray and seek God on what He would have you give above and beyond your normal offering. More than anything we pray this process of seeking God will draw you closer to Him and cause you to rely even more on His provision in your life.