Backyard Bible Club

June 24, 2019 to June 27, 2019

All Day

Location: Wells Branch, Austin, Texas

Category: Churchwide Event | Coordinator: Phill Kwon

Every summer, dozens of youth students are sent out all over our community to take the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ to kids and their families! They play fun games, perform exciting skits, and most importantly, they share the gospel with kids who live right in your neighborhood! If you would like to volunteer as a host home or to provide food or transportation please register at


Morning Clubs 10am to 11:15am

Hosted by: Greg and Dory Bennett @ 12014 Lincolnshire Dr

Hosted by: Willowbend Park @ 2801 Sauls Dr, Austin, TX 78728

Hosted by: Shelby and Nathan Blick @ 12621 Cinchring Lane


Afternoon Clubs 5:45pm to 7pm

Hosted by: Ed and Hannah Garcia @ 3309 Bratton Heights Dr

Hosted by: Debbie and Tate Joyner @ 13501 Shawna Dnay Dr

Hosted by: Aaron and Nelly Shaw @ 2206 Maple Hollow Trail

Hosted by: Melanie Powell @ The Nine on Shoreline 3501 Shoreline Dr, Austin, TX 78728

Hosted by: Kourtney and Jonathan Blick @ 17401 Orwell Lane

Hosted by: Lauren and Kyle Snow @ 14481 Robert I Walker Blvd.


Evening Clubs 7:30pm to 8:45pm

Hosted by: Phill and Brandee Kwon @ 1209 York Castle

Hosted by: Analee Garcia @ 13416 Henneman Dr

Hosted by: William and Ellie Hume @ 1801 Wells Branch Pkwy

Hosted by: Ryan and Catie Sas @ 15420 Quinley Dr

Hosted by: Jeff and Liz Mitchell @ 1104 Lime Rock Dr

Hosted by: Chris and Ashley Bowers @ 401 Grey Feather Ct.

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