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Who is the Holy Spirit


Who is he?

He is… in the beginning

Coequal with the divine father and son

God from God

Perfect in essence

United in substance

Distinct in person

He is Holy God, the unchanging one

Power and might

Silence and song

Fire and Fragrance

He is the very breath of God

Hovering over the deep

In the darkness he is light

In the void his is creator

In the decay he is sustainer

In the chaos he is order

He is source, from him the breath of God is breathed

Into creation

And when humanity first awoke?

We were just dust

And Him living in us

And when we fell?

We rejected Him and we returned to dust.

But he loved us, with the Father and Son, from the very beginning

Knowing us, he loved us and longed to be with us

To dwell amongst us and in us

To illuminate and now recreate

The glory of God’s creativity

Spilling over into the story of and song

Of reality

He is cloud by day, He is fire by night

He is holiness, thick and overwhelming

He is devastation to the darkness

He is righteousness

He is glorious

Who is he?

He is the promise of the son

Who returned from the grave and declared that it was better for us

To see him ascend so that the incarnate one could send

Him to us

To counsel us

And teach us

To comfort us

And pray for us

In our painful groanings when words all but fail us


To gather us in one heart and one mind

To love us

To care for us

To revive us

And incite us to worship and

Remind us of our identity in the resurrection

To strengthen us

To defend us

To whisper to us the truth of God who speaks to us

To reveal to us the hidden things

And bring them into the daylight of our awareness

He is healing, miraculous

When our flesh corrupt had no promise but dust

Somehow now recovers

Blood flowing, bone and sinew restoring

Testifying to his power

To make all things new

Who is he?

He is our seal, our guarantee

When doubt creeps in to steal

Our joy he reminds us of who we are

And whose we are

For God cannot deny himself

So God gives us himself as

A down payment for the future

Glorification we anticipate with bated breath

His breath.

Who can separate us from the love of Christ when He

He dwells within us.

So, who is he?

He is the empowering one.  The antidote

To the reality of my sickness and weakness

My inadequacy and insufficiency

He is our strength when the mission is too hard

It’s always too hard, when in the fields

Our hands freeze to the plow and our chests

Strained from the work gasp for air

He. Is. breath.

He is strength.

He is the power of God, eternal and without end filling our lungs.

To lift our eyes to see

The beauty of the son,

the glory of the father

He stands with us, to move us closer,

To proclaim the kingdom

To drive out the enemy

To see the captive free

To restore the broken of spirit and body

To feed the hungry

and offer them the everlasting bread of life

Who is he?

Is he mystery?



Forgotten God?


He is the present one.

The very presence of God indwelling us.

Abiding in us.

God IN us.  Transforming us.



Reminding us

That truly God will never leave us.

That is who the Holy Spirit is.  I wonder if you know him today.

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