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What’s So Amazing About Grace?

Hey Family,

It has been a great series and have enjoyed the reaction and feedback from the series What is the Church? It is now time to move to our pre-Easter series, What’s So Amazing About Grace? This series we will investigate why it is that Christians get so excited that they would write songs, poetry, books, and cheesy movies about grace. I think this goes back to our fascination with awesome stories. There is something innate to the pulse of man that drives us to hear stories about people given second, third, and fourth chances.

Some of us have been on the receiving end of Grace. We understood that we deserved a friendless life and a scarlet letter printed upon our chest. We get the wrong we have committed and have felt the shame of our hurtful decisions. For those of us who have been forgiven, we get what it is live out the love we have received.

There are others of us who if we were to be real honest think we aren’t all that bad. We like a good story every now and then as anybody would loves a Cinderella story, but we don’t believe those stories are real. We are skeptical of anyone claiming an encounter with the Supernatural. They make us uncomfortable and we don’t quite know how to categorize people like that so we either ignore those stories or ignore those people.

Over the next three weeks Ed Baptiste and I are going to be sharing with you what exactly is so amazing about grace. We are hoping that you get engaged on the receiving end of grace so that you can be a giver of grace.

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