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Wells Branch Community Church goes to prison

by Chris Plekenpol

You heard the testimony of Duche this weekend about how someone visited him while he was in prison. It was incredible. I promise you, you will have interactions with people like Duche that need Jesus. Last April we did the same thing, and I was able to lead 5 people personally to a decision for Christ.

Please join us on Saturday, February 9th.

On February 8th, at 7pm we will have an evangelism training at HCBC Austin Lakeline campus at 7pm in the Deep End. We will go over what to wear, how to act, what to say all the ins and outs of prison ministry

We need a total of 130 men, 40 women, and bikers to take the Good News to inmates in 4 units in the Austin area on Saturday, February 9th.  The deadline to sign up for the event is Wednesday, January 23rd.

To register go here:
Don’t miss out on this opportunity guys.

I love you all!

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