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UPDATE 2/12: Date Night

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UPDATE 2/12/2017: Hey guys! Our Valentine’s Day event is now full!  Unfortunately our space limits us to a certain number of families, but I’m excited for the future when we can have more opportunities like this.  Keep an eye out, and if you have any suggestions, just let us know! 

I still remember my first Valentine’s Day date with Brandee.  It was back when we were still students at Texas A&M and even though neither of us are particularly sentimental about Valentine’s Day, I wanted to do something memorable and meaningful.  I had bought tickets to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert (Brandee’s favorite) in Houston, and I didn’t tell her where we were going until we were five minutes away from the venue.  Afterwards, we drove through a Jack in the Box for some tacos on the way home.  

That was ten years ago.  Pretty crazy when you think of it that way.  In those ten years, we got engaged, married, and now we have three kids.  The days of just getting in a car and driving to another city for a concert… well, we’ll probably have to wait another decade before we can even start thinking about doing stuff like that.  As much as that sounds like defeat; I’ve learned that this season of our lives requires much more intentionality to make sure we have time as husband and wife to build our relationship.  We can’t just run away, we have to have a plan.

Parenting, I’m learning, is in many ways an outflow of our experience of marriage. A marriage that’s under stress or strain will inevitably yield consequences in our parenting.  Afterall, if we can’t invest time and build a healthy relationship with someone who can communicate and relate to us as an adult, how can we hope to build a strong meaningful relationship with a tiny, inherently selfish, immature creature?  Unfortunately, date nights are expensive, and securing childcare can be stressful.  Especially on a high demand day like valentine’s day, it’s easy for us to think about giving up… but that’s where the church needs to step in.

This year, our youth ministry will be taking on the privilege of serving our parents by offering a night of free childcare so that husbands and wives can enjoy time together without worrying about the cost and logistics of making sure their kids are cared for.   To sign up, head to the link below.  

WBCC Parents’ Date Night

Live For More Center Annex

Tuesday, February 14th

6:30PM to 8:30PM

Please feed your kids beforehand

Space is limited and we can only take kids 1 year old and up.


You can email for more info if you have any questions.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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