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Tom Dahm accepted Christ!

by Chris Plekenpol

We had an exciting day, yesterday. Several WBCC members had been praying for our friend Tom specifically, and yesterday was his day of salvation.

It all started a couple weeks ago when Brawn Lide (one of our esteemed elders) were having coffee outside of Kenny’s on Friday morning after an elder meeting. We were talking about websites, the City, and how we could communicate better with our family (WBCC). Suddenly, we heard a voice from behind us. A young man with quarter inch gauges and a large tattoo on his left arm walked over to us. He told us that he knew someone who did religious websites and would love to give us his information.

Brawn and I seized the opportunity. We both thought that maybe God was giving us an opportunity not for a website, but for a soul. We immediately asked him who he was and his story…it’s a long one. We found out where he was spiritually. He wasn’t sure about the whole Jesus thing. We told him his next step was to join us Sunday morning. He said he would think about it. We got his number and then Brawn and I had to leave.

Tom did come to church that Sunday. He made it to the early service. He started reading the book he received in the visitor bag. Then we had lunch later that week. Grayson and Holland got him involved with Last Wednesday (now Last Tuesday).  The conversations become more intense as we watched Tom encounter Jesus. He came to preaching practice and listened to the same sermon four times on a Friday afternoon…who does that?

We all knew it wasn’t long until the Lord would give Tom a new life. And yesterday He did just that. Tom came by the office and I got a chance to walk him through the scriptures. The Bible clearly made the case that Jesus is the Son of God and Tom stepped over that line of faith. The toughest part for Tom was that he didn’t have to do anything. I reminded him the Gospel isn’t about making bad people good, it’s about making dead people alive!

When you see Tom, let him know how excited you are. I am going to get Tom to share his story on this blog, so check back with us for an update with Tom’s full story.

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