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Stop running into the arms of comparison, and leaving Jesus in the dust

Let me talk to the ladies for just a sec-

Imagine this scenario:

While you’re scrolling through social media, a photo pops up of a girl you’re not quite fond of. She irritates you. This photo isn’t exactly the most flattering in your opinion. You pick at every little thing you’re not a fan of in the photo.. and oh? No likes? Ha! Suddenly you feel better about yourself because the selfie you just posted got several likes within minutes. Your self esteem just escalated while you measured her downfall in your head. She’s fat, I’m skinny. She’s annoying, I’m fun. She’s this, I’m that. You compare downwards by taking everything you’re good at and putting it next to everything you feel she’s failed at.

Sound familiar? It does to me.


You spot a girl in the coffee shop with the figure you’ve always wanted. Her hair is perfect, her dress is amazing, and you’ve always wanted those heels she’s wearing. After she walks out of the coffee shop, you look down at your frumpy sweater and the massive burrito you just ate.. with extra cheese. Your hair hasn’t been brushed in months, you have a zit, and the shoes you have on are from 5 years back because that’s all you can afford. You also feel bloated and your stomach just so happens to be bulging over your jeans. You suddenly hate yourself. Your life compared to hers is miserable and you’ve decided you’re probably not worth much.

Well let me tell you about a man named Jesus who loved you so much, saw you for who you are in all your ugly, and died for you. He died for you. And yes I just said all your ugly. But you know what? Jesus saw past that. He only see’s beauty. When God see’s you, He see’s His daughter. He see’s His son. He see’s who Jesus died on the cross for.

“but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

He saw your old frumpy sweater, ratty hair, and zits and STILL claimed you as a child of God. He also saw your judgmental remarks and emotional attack, and still loved you enough to die for you. He see’s your shortcomings just as much as the next person, and still freely gives you all of Himself. Pretty incredible, right?

See, I do this sometimes too, and from experience, I can honestly say it doesn’t pay off. At all. I tear people down in my head because I. just. want. to. feel. more. important. In doing this, I’m saying that the Gospel isn’t adequate. I’m saying that God’s grace isn’t sufficient in making me feel loved. And the terrible thing about it? I actually love doing it. You get this high from just comparing yourself to a girl that YOU KNOW has it worse, so you automatically win. You win. Every time.

Comparing yourself to others only allows you to manipulate the reality of the Gospel into your own sick and twisted idea of who’s more valuable.

Wanna know how to beat comparison? You don’t just stop comparing. That’s not real. You dig deep, you find that hidden insecurity, and you fill it with Jesus. You compare because there’s a “lack of” something, but filling it with “likes” or the failures of others only leaves you emptier than you were before. You can’t thrive in the depth of God’s love for you when your heart is constantly competing for attention elsewhere. When you’re eyes are on God and the free gift He provided through Jesus, your heart overflows with kindness and a sense of purpose, which leaves no room for the temporary satisfaction that comparison tends to make so desirable. Believe in the power and divine holiness of His adoration for you, and I promise, gratitude stumps comparison every time.



Catie Warrick

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