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Stop Letting Satan Steal Your Freedom

I have this painting hanging up by my desk at work that reads, You make me free with the word free in big bold letters. It’s referencing Galatians 5:1,

“For freedom Christ has set us free, stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” Galatians 5:1

It’s not the most beautiful thing I’ve ever painted to say the least, but it gets the job done. I needed something quick, something to remind me that freedom is something I inherited once I was adopted, not something I earned. It’s colorful, catches my attention, so it makes sense. I’m actually pretty obsessed with the word free. My favorite songs all talk about freedom, I feel the need to buy anything that talks about freedom, I’d swim in a pool of freedom.. if there were such a thing called a freedom sandwich, I’d choose it.

I’m kind of really into the word “free”.

Why? Because I was once lived a life of slavery, I was held hostage and put down by the world we live in. I was constantly trying to run to the light but I couldn’t see those thick metal bars right in front of me. I was in chains, and I had no idea where they came from. I was a slave to approval of man, finding my value and self worth in relationships and men, and I was blinded by so many shallow friendships. My heart had the right desires, but I wasn’t bringing it into the right places because.. well, I didn’t know any better. I didn’t know where to go to be fulfilled.

Until God came on the scene and called my name, “Hey sweet daughter, come to me.”

And suddenly, I could walk freely into the light. I was able to run and not grow weary, I could jump and not faint, I was embraced and adopted and cherished.. I was looking to Jesus for my value and self worth, choosing to put my hope and joy in Him and not the world. I was set free from looking to men to fill me compliments and attention, and instead calling on Jesus to show me who I truly was- His beloved.

I was set free from the darkness I was in.

For some of us though, freedom is like a bone on a string hanging right in front of you, but every time you reach for it the owner brings it right back up and out of your reach. This is called slavery, also known as Satan.

Satan treats you as if he knows best, he’s aware of your weaknesses and reminds you of them daily, while still gently whispering into your ear that you belong with him. He tells you to put your faith and approval in man, he tells you to put your value and self worth in the world, he tells you that sin is more fun, and he tells you that God is not worth your time. He cheats you of the freedom God is offering to you because he’s tangled you up in his web of lies. He knows how to taunt you and bring you back, and he knows how to sing sweet songs that tempt you. Satan is smart.

But God is smarter. He has won. Victory is ours.

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you..” Acts 1:8 (I know this is a missions verse but just stay with me. It’s also about FREEDOM.)

You will receive power, which means you have received the power of Christ, which means you have the power of Christ and the gospel, which means you have the power of Christ to say “Adios!” to Satan’s chains and run into the arms of freedom! 


God is for you, He is not against you. He is only good, He pours out His grace and forgiveness, and when He sacrificed His son Jesus on the cross for you, it was for freedom! Use that power to run from Satan and into the arms of Jesus. Once you are saved, you are set free. Stop letting Satan lie to you, he has lost. He will pour out his doubt and deceit to get you back, but let God’s everlasting love and mercy bring you into the kingdom of Heaven. Let Him speak truth into your life by studying His word and through prayer and supplication. Let Him love you.

Let Him set you free from the lies and darkness that Satan loves to bring into your life.

You are His child, and therefore, you are free. Live it.

-Catie Warrick

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