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Relationships 101

This Sunday we are going to start a new series called Relationship 101. Whether you are dating, you are married, you are single and want to be in a relationship, you will want to hear about this. Now ladies, I don’t think you realize how difficult this is for men to talk about. Ladies, think of the way you feel when a man brings up that something might be wrong with the car. You might be on the road, and all of a sudden the man will turn down the radio and say, “You hear that?…shhh, you hear that?” The woman of course hears nothing. And as long as the car is running why do we need to listen to it and try and figure it out? When Adrienne and I were first dating she had tires that were completely bald. I mean bald. Like so bald you couldn’t tell there was tread on the tires. And every time I would see her, I would say, Adrienne, it’s dangerous to have tires this bald. And she would laugh and say, “It’s no big deal, they get me from here to there.” I would say, “Eventually this is going to be a big problem, you need to get them fixed.” She would say, “I’m too busy.” Well on our first trip to meet her parents, we are driving down I-35 from Dallas to Austin and boom, a tire blows. Adrienne takes her hands off the steering wheel and freaks out. I grab the wheel and pull us over to the side. We happen to be right in the vicinity of a Walmart, so I put the spare on and limp us to Walmart and she gets four new tires right there. Of course I had to remind her how I told her so, and if she had taken care of this earlier, this would have never happened, and she still married me. This is where some of your relationships are: you have bald tires, or there is a sound that the engine is making on your relationship. However, instead of taking the relationship in and getting it worked on, like the ladies have suggested many times, guys, you just want the thing to just work. Guys, I get it. Trying to learn the nuances of a relationship so that you know what certain sounds the engine makes mean takes work. It takes study. It takes wanting your relationship to last as much as you want your favorite football team to win. Ladies, it also takes you being able to recognize that you might not have it all figured out. I’m not promising that I have all the answers, but I want us to find out what God’s Word says and doesn’t say about how we are to navigate our relationships.

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