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Pastors in Tanzania

Hey family,

James Myer, his wife Ndidi, Holland, and I are at a pastor’s house in Chalinze, Tanzania using his email. I have many pictures to share with all of you and can’t wait to do it next Sunday. So here is the latest thing that is going on.

Yesterday we visited several churches in the Chalinze Baptist Association. Very similar to the Hill Country Association in that many of the churches were planted by one larger church. We were able to lead a Muslim man who is 65 years old to Christ and a young mother, Mary to Christ as well. We baptized them moments later in a river nearby.

They all have given us the right hand of fellowship to help them in evangelism and church planting. I see James and Ndidi (Didi) being here next Summer (June 2014).

There is so much need here. There are very few schools and the schools they do have are overcrowded and many can’t afford to send their children to high school.

AIDS is a big issue here, because this is a main truck stop so there is a ton of prostitution. James paid for the high school of a young girl whose parents died of AIDS.

We also got to meet a new born baby today that was dropped off in the trash across the street from a dispensory (medical clinic). It was all we could do to leave the baby at the hospital and head here to dinner.

We have visited 7 churches here so far and they were so grateful we came. They presented us with gifts and treated us like royalty. Tomorrow we visit three more churches. Sunday James, Holland, and I will be preaching in different churches in Chalinze.

Monday we will hold a pastor’s conference and teach them theology, evangelism and practical ministry.

Please keep praying for us as we encounter so much need here in Africa. The poverty is pretty overwhelming. Most people here are living in half finished mud huts. Orphans are around every corner. The pastor’s whose house I am staying at has adopted 8 orphans.

I know God is going to use our partnership with the Church in Africa to give every man, woman, and child in the Greater Chalinze area a chance to hear the Gospel from the Lips of a Wells Branch Community Church partner.

I love you all!


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