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Pastor’s Thoughts

First off I want to thank everyone for the prayers and support that you have given Adrienne and I this week. Isn’t it wonderful to know that we have a church family that really goes all out.

Second, you all have been doing such a great job at inviting. This Sunday look for all the new folks and reach out to them. A great line with a new person is, “Hey, do I know you yet?”

Remember to ask new people about them. New people want to know that you care about them. You ask the questions and let them do the talking. The art of conversation is the less you say, the more that person feels they connect with you.

That takes me to a third thought. We are having a lot of Happy Hours coming up. Please reach your neighbors. I came up with a fun acronym for how we are to treat our lost friends and neighbors: LEAF

L-Listen to their stories; listen more than you speak. Get to know them. Know their needs, desires, and hopes. Think of cool ways to meet them.

E-Eat with your neighbors. Invite them to your home. Enjoy their company.

A-Ask God for their soul. Ask God to give you eyes to see your neighbors the way He sees them.

F-Fulfill the great commission. Meet their needs or hear their story. That gives you an opportunity to share your story of Grace. No one can deny your experience. Share what Jesus did for you, He can also do for them. Ask this question and then zip your lip and wait for an answer

“What is preventing you from trusting Christ today?”

Every time you look at the Wells Branch logo, I want you to be have in mind reaching your lost neighbors with LEAF.

I love you all.


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