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How to pay for FORGE as a broke young adult

A 3-day weekend with 100 young adults where you will hear awesome messages from the Bible and probably meet your future spouse, bridesmaids, or groomsmen is definitely worth $150. The cost covers all food, lodging, games, activities, and countless unforgettable memories that will all be crammed into this one weekend. We have been praying God would use this weekend as a life-changing experience. But what if you just don’t have $150? 

Well we happen to offer discounts, scholarships, and payment plans. Do not let money issues keep you from FORGE!


If you serve with The Well, you get a discount. Volunteers get $50 off, and Leaders get $100 off. So if you want to start serving with The Well to save money, we won’t judge you (but we will put you to work). Contact us at


Can’t afford the full $150? We offer scholarships to help you get to FORGE. Here is a link to our Scholarship Application. Fill this out and send it in to


If you aren’t rolling in the dough and can’t drop a Benjamin and a Grant (that’s a $50 dollar bill btw) in one swift payment… Fret not! You can make two payments of $75. Just keep in mind there’s no refunds, so if you never make that 2nd payment then we thank you for your donation to our church!


In addition to these helpful options, think of other creative ways to save money. For instance, 50 cups of coffee from Starbucks is about the same as 1 ticket to FORGE. So just take a break from coffee for the next 2-3 months and you’re good to go. Ride a bike to work. Cancel Netflix. Sell some clothes! Sell some plasma! Chances are, you are actually probably not broke. You probably just don’t realize how much money you spend on things you don’t need. Why not invest in an unforgettable experience instead?

You may cut out some expensive habits to make it to FORGE and end up more financially responsible in general. Be creative!

How will you make it to FORGE? Full details here. Sign up here.

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