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FORGE: Young adult retreat for singles and marrieds

FORGE is less than 2 months away! Sign up here if you haven’t done that yet. Here’s some more info for you as you make plans for this Labor Day Weekend (Sept. 5-7th).


FORGE is our lakeside retreat (more info and registration here) open to all young adults, for the purpose of forging deeper friendships, forging stronger community, and forging greater love for Jesus. Hence the name. We generally define “young adults” as people in their 20’s and 30’s. At The Well we have a great group of young adults, both singles and married couples, and we love doing things together. So we will all be together at FORGE! Here’s how that will look for sleeping arrangements…


There are two bunkhouses at FORGE that each hold 40 people. One will be for 40 single dudes, and the other will be for 40 single ladies. So cabin time will be an opportunity to connect with other peers and friends in your same age and life stage, and build deeper friendships over the 3-day weekend.


Not sure if “engageds” is a word, but we are using it. We have two cabins at FORGE for our married and engaged couples. Each cabin holds 20 people, and is split into two sides (10 and 10). We will have husbands (and future husbands) on one side, and wives (and future wives) on the other, with a common area in the middle. This way our married and soon-to-be-married couples can still be close to each other, but also still be able to have guy-guy and girl-girl bonding in the cabins, and all the fun late-night conversations with other peers and newlyweds.


We love kids. But due to all of the activities on the campground, as well as trying to maximize on undistracted relationship-building time, we are asking everyone with kids to get childcare for the weekend. As sad as it is to be apart from your kids for a 3-day weekend, we think it is worth it for the ability to be fully invested in the weekend. So, call your mama, your grandmama, your cousin, your Community Group, or whoever you need to call to lock down some quality childcare with people you trust.

Stay tuned as we post more updates about FORGE over the next several weeks!

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