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February Football

February has been an incredible time. We experienced an amazing Flag football tournament on Super Bowl Sunday. Thanks to Grayson Dzialo, Ben Dion, and the host of others who made that all happen!

This past weekend, we ventured out to prison in Lockhart. The band played and people wept as for a moment lonely souls fraught with disappointment were transported to another world. The Gospel was preached and over 300 people made decisions for Christ. Over 100 of those were first time decisions. Although we were able to impact the prisons with the life changing reality of Jesus Christ, I think we received the greater blessing. We got front row seats to watch God work.

My prayer is that this past weekend was more than just another mission experience. My heart is that we would bring the Gospel into our everyday lives. We would have the boldness to share the hope that we have. Several of you have. James Foster was able to share the Gospel with Miki, my next door neighbor, and he accepted Christ for the very first time! This is so exciting!

Angie Reiter also gave her life to Christ during our Count Me In class! Count Me In happens every other month. This is where people checking out the church can find out what we believe, what we do, and how to be a part of it all.

Baptisms will be on February 24! If you want to be baptized email and let him know!

I love you all!


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