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What The Hell?

Being that today is Good Friday, I find myself thinking about the cross even more than usual. What it means. Why it's "good." And how all of this effects me. I mean, is it reallythatbig of a deal? So many of us have heard so many of the same great explanations before, (and yes, those things do bear repeating) but instead of only concentrating on "Jesus saves," I find myse...

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More Than Morality

"Integrity" is a buzzy, trendy word that is often talked about in business or group settings: everyone wants to have people on their team that will display integrity. The company I work for has six core values we interview and hire people based off of, and one of those is integrity. In my position, I have interviewed several people, and one question I always ask the candid...

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Marriage on Mission


When I was in college, I had two ideas of where my life was headed: I was going to go to seminary and become a missionary to teach people about Jesus in some far off country, and I was going to be married to someone I loved and adored, become a dad and grow a family. At the time, if I'm honest, I tried my best to keep those two dreams as far apart from each other as I coul...

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